Our Story, Mission and Vision

Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center: A Faith-Based Haven for Tech Solutions


Are you on the lookout for an ethical, affordable tech repair service that aligns with your faith? Do you wish to contribute to a brand making a positive impact globally? Your answer lies with Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center, the synergy of faith and technology reshaping the industry and the world.


Embracing Faith in Technology


At Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center, we transcend mere repairs; we offer an experience grounded in principles of love, respect, honesty, integrity, and community. Beyond fixing devices, we believe in utilizing technology as a divine gift, aiming to glorify God and benefit His creation.


Bridging Faith with Global Responsibility


More than a business, Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center is a ministry committed to fixing our community and the world, one gadget at a time. Inspired by local earth angels—dedicated public servants—our journey stems from a desire to follow in their compassionate footsteps.


10% of our revenue goes to causes addressing global issues such as child abuse, autoimmune diseases, and health concerns, honoring God by giving back to the world.


Why Choose Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center?


- High-Quality Service: Precision and care define our repairs, backed by the latest tools and techniques, ensuring your devices are in capable hands.


- Affordable Prices: Competitive rates, discounts, and coupons for both loyal and new customers, coupled with free diagnostics and estimates, make quality service accessible.


- Ethical Practices: We respect your privacy, security, and the environment. No access, sharing, or selling of personal data, coupled with eco-friendly electronic waste disposal.


- Faith-Based Values: Join a community of faith and tech enthusiasts. We treat everyone with respect, kindness, and non-discrimination, praying for you and your devices.


Connect with Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center


- Website: www.gogadgetsrepair.com

- Phone: (702) 505 - 6036

- Email: CustomerService@GoGadgetsRepair.com

- Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

- Location: 633 N. Decatur Blvd. Suite G, Las Vegas, NV 89107


Open from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 7PM. Saturday, 12 PM to 7 PM. Closed on Sundays.  


Embrace Faith, Empower Tech


Go Gadgets Tech Repair Center isn't just a repair service; it's a faith-based solution for your tech needs.

Contact us today, and let's fix your gadgets while making a positive impact on the world.

We're eager to hear from you and serve you.

God bless you and your gadgets. 🙏